Inside every human heart is a light so utterly magnificent...


My teaching philosophy is informed, inspired and aligned with the revelatory and self-actualizing teachings of the Non-Dual Tantric traditions.  I truly believe that every human heart without exception holds exquisite, magnificent light, beauty, joy and goodness.  I believe that every human being arrives in this incarnation whole, complete and worthy. When you were a child, you laughed freely; you loved abundantly and you trusted life. 
As we develop, we all have experiences that cover up our true nature, which is the lightness and joy that we see inside children.   But the coverings of limitation, sadness, anger, the coverings of unworthiness, incompleteness or fear, do not reflect who we truly are.  They obscure, block and crimp the flowing freedom of our true innermost Self.
The task and promise of yoga is to assist the unveiling and revelation of our inherent wholeness and worthiness, and the expansion of our sense of joy and flowing freedom.  The task and promise of yoga is to help us align to our destiny. 
My job as a teacher is to be your guide; to help you to find the abundant source of wisdom, healing, light, inspiration, truth and joy inside your own being.  As a teacher, I don’t believe I really “teach” you anything.  Facts, maybe.  Interesting bits of information about the body, the universe, etc.,  I believe that it is my job as a teacher to help you release what covers and blocks the shining forth of your Truest Self.  I believe it is my job to help you to awaken to everything that is already present inside of you:  truth, flowing wisdom and the joy that is your birthright.
I believe that practice gives us tools for healing, transformation and empowerment.  Practice helps us gain access to the deeper dimension of our heart and soul.  Practice is an invitation to live in greater awareness.  Practice is a tool that helps us live in our deepest essence of unbroken wholeness.
Aligning to our inherent dignity and wholeness, practice becomes life and life becomes practice. Each and every moment is an opportunity to live more fully in awareness.  For when you abide in the wholeness of your inner most self, everything you seek and desire is truly, already present, inside. 
Practice leads us to not only a rational understanding of these truths.  Practice leads us into the direct experience of abiding in the wholeness, fullness and completeness that is our destiny and Divine birthright.

Join me for any program, and you are likely to experience some of what I’ve spoken about here.

I look forward to our journey together.

Deb Neubauer 

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