Inconvenient Toads
Thu, 08/22/2013 - 2:58pm

Warm Summer Greetings to all,

I hope this email finds you well and thriving!!  This summer, my family and I moved from our home of 20 years to a home closer to town.  This new home will be wonderful for so many reasons.  Some of these include that we are now just minutes from town, grocery shopping, my daughters' school and all her play dates and activities.  Our new home will allow our family to simplify and consolidate so we are not spending so much time in the car driving, and can spend more time focusing on life affirming and joyful activities.  But some of the experiences we had leading up to the move, during our unpacking and since have been wondrous, educational, and transformational.

This morning, while working in my new garden space, I began clearing away past years growth turned to weeds.  I discovered that underneath the weeds, there was an abundance of dark, rich, fertile soil.  That made me incredibly happy as I've been planning a fall planting of greens.  While pulling weeds and tilling soil, out of nowhere, a HUGE frog leaped nearly right into my face as it struggled for its freedom.  I was delighted, shocked and amused as I watched my mind immediately consider that this is how it is when tending the inner garden also.  Sometimes, you sit for meditation, quietly uncovering the weeds of your own habitual thoughts.  When, out of nowhere, a big, inconvenient toad of shocking inner turmoil, angst, anger, unprocessed, yet to be discovered and reconciled material leaps into your consciousness, unwilling to go back into the dark soil of silence.

This toad that I discovered this morning delighted me, because I realized that all it wanted was to be able to live.  It didn't need or want my attention.  It didn't need or want me to "get rid of it" or liberate it from the garden.  It would find its own way and its own path to freedom.  I was reminded of that dark, inner angst, and all those tumultuous, inconvenient thoughts that jump up out of nowhere.  All those toads really want is to see the light of day and go about their business.  If you don't latch onto them, they'll quietly hop away, like the toad I saw this morning.

Tending your garden is so much like tending the inner garden of your mind.  You have to decide which thoughts to engage, or plant like flowers, and which ones to witness and let hop away.  In the garden, you can pull weeds right out.  But in your mind, the way to pull weedy thoughts is to step back from them, witness your thoughts without judgment, let them happily hop away, don't give them the energy they need to thrive and expand.  After years of meditating, I can happily say that I am more able to do this than I used to be.

Now that I'm happily settled (ing) into my new home, I can now turn my attention back to the Yoga I practice and teach on the mat.  I'm excited to announce my fall season which has fewer but just as meaningful workshops.  As my daughter grows up, I'm discovering that she needs me to be around more.  So I'll offer fewer workshops on the road, and begin focusing a bit more attention into my local community.  Please visit me at my new home where I'll be offering private Therapeutic Yoga sessions.  Email me any time to book a session.

As I embark on a new season, I am happy to say I'll get to be a student.  Everything I learn will ultimately be funneled directly into the programs I'll offer.  As the Yoga Hope training unfolds, I'm sure I"ll be writing to share my most valuable experiences.  In the meantime, I hope you'll consider making a donation to my fundraising page.  Thanks to those of you who already donated, I'm now more than 2/3 of the way there. I only need $475 to meet my fundraising goal of $2,500!!!!

I look forward to sharing the path with each of you.



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