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Welcome to my website.

I hope you’ll enjoy virtual visiting and learning about my teaching as well as all the programs I offer.  Over the years, my path as a student and teacher has taken many turns.  By visiting often, you’re likely to see changes as I expand, deepen and open to my changing inner experience and outer reality. 

I hope that you will feel free to do the same – to ever adapt and transform your inner thinking and experience to meet life in creative ways that inspire you.  For this is the essence of Yoga: to reveal what is most precious at the heart of life.

May we be protected together on the path of Yoga!

May Yoga inspire each of us to find what is most deeply meaningful!   May our Yoga continually nourish and inspire our hearts!

It is truly a delight and an honor for me to share the path with you!!

“Discover your truth,
Live your truth,
Be your truth,
Love your truth.

Continuously delight
in the ever unfolding of
your clearest, deepest, truth!!"


Deb Neubauer


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